We are all born with an innate curiosity and wonder regarding the world around us. An ability to see beauty in all things.  As young children we love to draw with crayons, write our own stories, or play imaginatively. I believe that we are all artists with incredible creativity waiting to be released.  Sadly, as we age too many of us no longer see the beauty in all things. Some become jaded, or just too busy, and lose their curiosity and wonder. When we experience life through the eyes of a child, we notice the simple little things that are incredible miracles to behold. The details of the smallest shells, intricacies of a delicate leaf or a flower, or the patterns on an old wooden boat.

In my artwork, I try to capture the beauty in the ordinary that others might not see. By tapping into my inner child and taking a fresh look at the world, it allows me the opportunity to see familiar things in a whole new light. I remain curious and love to experiment with different processes that foster a more direct engagement with nature. Eco-printing and mono-printing allow me the latitude to fully explore texture, subtlety of color, and layering of shapes. In my photographs, I try to capture the beauty in the ordinary that others might not see.  The thread baron seats of a vintage truck reveal the splendor of a woven tapestry, while the lines of the salt flats or intense colors created by the oxidation of rusted metal resemble abstract paintings. Hopefully this helps create, or perhaps rekindle, some intrigue for the viewer.